Our History & Milestones

The Popo Group is the official trademark of Popo Platforms Technical Systems Limited. The company was established by 5 Software Engineers who include; Muheirwe Julian, Kalule Herbert, Bishaka Samuel and Kyewalabye Charles, who are all led by Tovic Saad Matovu.

From the outset, the company’s founders share a belief that Mobile Phones and the Internet would level the playing field by enabling people to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in the social, political and economic spheres in and outside Uganda.

Our Profile

Popo Platforms Technical Systems Limited is an ICT company registered in the Republic of Uganda. The company has a good reputation in providing high quality products and services. Our success in meeting our clientele needs has branded the company as a one stop center for all sorts of software development, websites development, mobile applications development, IT consultancy, computer networking and maintenance services.

We have skilled personnel accompanied by one of the best programmers in and outside Uganda who have evaluated the standards by which all others are judged and have come out to compete for the market with emphasis on quality and leading edge performance in order to offer all our products and services at the lowest prices in the land.

Our Mission & Vision

Popo’s mission is to “transform your routine conventional business activities into automated solutions with the power of IT and the internet”. We offer technology services that enables our clients and users in our ecosystem to perform any sorts of transactions right from their mobiles and/or computers, at the lowest costs possible and in the most convenient space and time.

We envision that Popo shall grow into the largest domestic leader in provision of online and mobile service platforms. We also envision that our customers will meet, work and live at Popo, and that we will be a company that lasts.

Our Values

Customer First

The interests of our clients must be our first priority. 


We believe teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. 

Embrace Change

In this fast-changing world, we must be flexible, innovative and ready to adapt to new business; conditions, ideas and solutions, in order to survive.


We expect our staff to uphold the highest standards of honesty and to deliver on their commitments.


We expect our staff to approach everything with fire in their belly and never give up on doing what they believe is right.


Employees who demonstrate perseverance and excellence are richly rewarded.
Nothing should be taken lightly as we encourage our staff to “work happily, and live seriously.”